The Future of Recruitment

The impact of Coronavirus on hiring, onboarding and growing a business.

Since the 23rd of March the UK has been in Lockdown, affecting all businesses in some way or another. Zoom calls, social distancing & flexible working are all part of the new normal – But will it be a temporary change, or should businesses see a positive effect from new working practices?

This article will analyse the changes COVID19 has had on the recruitment process in the UK and gather insights from a variety of professionals to understand where the future of recruitment is going.

Hiring in Lockdown

For many industries the impact of coronavirus has forced businesses to furlough staff and put all hiring on hold. However, some markets are thriving; eCommerce, pharmaceuticals and online entertainment services have seen an increase in demand over the last two months.

According to a new study, over ‘6.5 million jobs could be lost in the UK due to the coronavirus’. This means there is likely to be a huge amount of talent on the market, but it will be the most agile, committed organisations who will take this opportunity to grow their teams with the best talent.

The virtual hiring process is new to most, and it is those organisations who are quick to adapt that will see the benefits. William Freestone, Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Touch Surgery has taken a proactive approach in order to “hoover up all the tech talent whilst everyone else is quiet.” Now is a great time to consider which industries align with yours; if you are working within the ever growing HealthTech market, it’s unlikely you’ll find available candidates from within the industry at the moment, but there is an abundance of tech talent readily available from badly affected industries, such as travel, hospitality & events.

Best Software for Video Interviews

The first step towards creating a successful virtual interview process, is getting the right tech. Especially now, there are a lot of options to choose from. Here are the top-rated video interview platforms:

  • Jobvite – A comprehensive talent acquisition-focused suite that powers a marketing-inspired recruiting approach. It’s the only video interviewing solution that has a direct integration with an Applicant Tracking System, so you can keep track of candidates throughout the process.
  • Sonru – The trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates. 
  • MyInterview – A video screening tool that integrates seamlessly into any application process.
  • Spark Hire – Easy to use, affordable & works with any ATS.

Many businesses have made quick decisions to move the hiring process online. Abdul Ali, Talent Acquisition Partner, Global Graduate Programs @ AstraZeneca is “still recruiting globally across all business areas and has not really seen a slow down.” Working within the Early Talent programme means he had to adapt the traditional recruitment process to “virtual platforms” to ensure great candidates are not missed.

Securing top young talent is going to be difficult this year, but not impossible. With some large corporations cancelling internship/early talent programmes there will be a greater number of entry level candidates on the lookout for work.

How to successfully onboard a new employee whilst working from home

For businesses that are continuing to grow during this period of isolation, the onboarding process is arguably more important than ever. If you’re bringing new members into your team over the next few weeks, here are some steps to take:

Communication is key – To allow a smooth start ensure your candidate has a clear idea of their agenda for the first few days & they know how to prepare.

Set up – Especially now deliveries are likely to be delayed so get your candidates IT kit shipped with plenty of time.

Adapt your current training plan – Short eLearning videos and a PDF of your welcome pack will have your new employee off to a great start.

Meet the team – Don’t rely on a quick Zoom meeting to introduce your new team member. Ensure they have a full list of contact details for everyone in the team and organise a buddy programme so that your employee has someone to go to with inevitable questions.

How to start a new job remotely

If you have secured a new job and are due to start remotely, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Introduce yourself. It’s likely you won’t meet your new colleagues face to face for a while, so don’t wait to get to know your team. Use all the tools you’ve been provided with, schedule a Zoom meeting, pick up the phone or send an email to begin building relationships.
  • Ask for help as soon as you need it. While working remotely, no one will be able to guess that you might be stuck on something. It’s new to most people so you won’t be expected to pick things up as easily as you would if you started in a more traditional way.
  • Fill your diary. If you don’t feel like you’ve been given enough to work on or training to cover, tell someone! Again, they can’t guess so reach out to your manager and show that you’re capable of managing your time whilst working at home.

One person who has been fortunate enough to start a new role during lockdown is Ashley Delgado – She recently began her new role as Account Executive with Teladoc Health from home. Proof that it can be done successfully, with ‘lots of scheduled team meetings’ and a supportive team who have encouraged to ‘contact at any time for help’ with anything. It’s not all been easy, of course a few technical issues are hard to avoid but the overall feedback from Ashely on what has made the process a success is the support and commitment from her new team.

Life after lockdown

Offices won’t be at full capacity for a very long time, but as we do return to work it is likely that we won’t work in the same way ever again.

According to “Seventy-seven percent of the workforce say they want to continue to work from home, at least weekly, when the pandemic is over.” Previously most employers had tight restrictions on flexible working, now there’s not much of an argument to suggest employees shouldn’t have the right to WFH. The possibility of more remote working means that the candidate pool widens dramatically – businesses that remove location restrictions will be able to employ the best candidates.

The video meetings/interviews that we’ve become accustomed to over the last 2 months could be here to stay. For many of us this was completely alien initially, but by now we’re all getting used to the idea of virtual presence so it’s likely we’ll keep this habit even when we can meet face to face. Remote interviews save time, eliminate risks and allow candidates to feel more relaxed.

There is expected to be a surge in recruitment once lockdown restrictions are lifted and the future of certain industries becomes clearer. Reintroducing furloughed employees and bringing new employees into a business will require careful considerations, ensuring staff safety at all times.

At the moment it seems hard to imagine, but little by little we will begin to create a ‘new, new normal’. What do you think it will look like?

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