Tips for a Successful Video Interview

By now I’m sure you’re used to the idea of video calls, whether it’s a Zoom meeting with your colleagues or a House Party with friends & family. With face to face meetings out of the question, if you’re looking for a new role during this time, you’ll likely participating in a video interview or two. Here are some tips to help you ace your next virtual interview.

Treat it like a face to face interview

It’s so important that you don’t see a video interview as any easier or less formal that a f2f interview, it’s likely that you won’t meet your employer in person before being offered so you need to convey your skills and personality through a screen.

Research the business and read the job description in detail prior to your call. The benefit of a video interview is that you can have some notes around to prompt you if you feel you need it but be very careful not to read directly from them. It’s unprofessional and you wouldn’t consider it in a f2f interview. Pro tip: have some post it notes with key facts/figures that you might want surrounding your computer screen so that you’re not looking down scrambling through a notebook.

Don’t assume that a video interview will be any less formal, dress to impress!

Check your tech

With the occasional technical difficulties, poor internet connections and a bit of awkwardness it can be hard to convey your true personality to your interviewer. Before your interview ask a friend or your recruiter to do a practice run to put you at ease.

Be conscious of your body language

It’s easy to forget about on a video call, but it’s so important to get your true self across in this short period of time so keep it in your mind at all times. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and make notes if you feel it’s appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, an interview is always a two way conversation.

Have water nearby

I know it sounds simple, but in f2f interview you would likely be offered it and forgetting to prepare this might mean a tickle in your throat disrupts the whole interview!

Have you recently taken part in a video interview, tell us about your experience!

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